Working in Bali…

I arrived in Bali on a working trip just before Kuningan, the end of the Galungan season. I figured with the major holidays over, the next three weeks would be as productive as work time gets in Bali.

That worked, sort of.

I’d forgotten that the season of odalan, three-day local temple festivals, starts in earnest in Peliatan right after Galungan. The most important temple in Madra’s banjar, Pura Dalem Gde di Peliatan, was one of them. The next few posts capture some of the events there.

Here’s the main gate of the inner temple on the third day of the odalan. All the umbul-umbul, triangular temple flags on bamboo poles, were designed and painted by Ketut Madra.


This photo and the one in the earlier Ramayana wayang kulit post are by Anggara Mahendra (there will be a link to his web site when he finishes it!).

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