Made Berata creates gamelan angklung painting for a new CD

Peliatan artist Madé Berata created this acrylic-on-paper painting for the cover of a new CD of gamelan angklung music from Vital Records appearing later this spring.


At the request of composer-teacher-writer Wayne Vitale, Pak Madé designed this modern wayang work showing angklung musicians and instruments. Its detail recalls old Balinese temple paintings of performances for royal courts and festivals, while the simplicity of the image and the humor of the wayang style caricatures bring it alive as a 21st-century CD illustration.

Vitale recorded the music in Kerobokan in 1992, his first year as director of Gamelan Sekar Jaya of Oakland, California.

Madé Berata (below) teaches wayang painting at the Institute Seni Indonesia in Denpasar. He is the son of wayang artist Ketut Madra, also of Peliatan.


photos by Anggara Mahendra

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