Gail Collins: Saints Preserve Us

I’ve kind of lost my sense of humor when it comes to the health care vote tomorrow, so it’s good to see that Gail Collins hasn’t.

But she gets serious in the second half of today’s column, and here’s where we’re in total agreement:

If it passes, the short-term political consequences are unknowable. But in 10 years, people will look back in amazement that we once lived in a time when Americans couldn’t get health care coverage if they were sick, when insurance companies could cut off your benefits for being sick, and when run-of-the-mill serious illnesses routinely destroyed families’ financial security.

And if it passes, Barack Obama will have validated his presidency. 

It feels like we’re on the eve of a national election – one that really matters. Here’s hoping it turns out right. Tomorrow looks like a good day for C-SPAN.

Gail Collins: Saints Preserve Us

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