NYT: Democrats to Watch on the Health Care Vote

The Times now has an up-to-date interactive chart on its web site showing 32 Democrats still in play on the HCR vote. The current tally according to the NYT’s Caucus blog is 199 Yes and 200 No.

Update: By the Times count there are now 203 Yes, 204 No, and 24 Undecided at the end of today. I have a feeling that the No votes have revealed themselves first and that the Democratic leadership has a good idea where the votes are coming from to get this through. What they don’t know yet is how many Yes votes they will allow to vote No for local political reasons. This may not be as close as it seems – or even as close as the final vote will be. But this article after tonight’s Democratic caucus meeting may mean I’m wrong about all of that.

NYT: Democrats to Watch on the Health Care Vote

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