Expanding on that Atlantic web site headline just below…

I’ve always been impressed by The Atlantic. Smart writers, an editorial mix full of frequent surprises – over the years, the magazine has always been consistently worth reading.

More recently, Andrew Sullivan’s prodigious blog led me to the online work of Ta-Nehisi Coates and Megan McArdle and back to Jim Fallows, whom I’ve read in print for almost as long as he’s been writing.

I thought The Atlantic’s purchase by David Bradley and its move from Boston to Washington a few years back could signal a decline, that its combination with The National Journal and his other publications might give it a more limited inside-the-beltway perspective. Instead it just keeps getting better.

The Web site redesign’s use of “channels” looks promising, but the truncation of the blogs to two- and three-line snippets, each of which requires further investigation, feels like a mistake. Further poking around reveals that Fallows has similar concerns. Sullivan is the only one who escaped this change. All the other personal pages are now much harder to read through in a consistent way. That’s a loss.

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