Krugman: “Do it.” Brooks: “Not this year.”

Paul Krugman and David Brooks on the same topic on the same day – and not in anywhere near as much disagreement as the two sides at Blair House yesterday. They only disagree where it matters most.

Krugman, without even visibly holding his nose, is unwilling to let the perfect be the enemy of the merely okay, and says the Dems should pass this now with 51 (agreeing with Bob Reich just below) .

Brooks concludes, and seems to believe: “Health care reform probably will not get passed this year. But there were moments, at the most wonky and specific, when the two sides echoed each other. Glimmers of hope for the next set of reformers.”

For the 45 million or so Americans without health care insurance and the future of the American political process, I sincerely hope the engagingly thoughtful Mr. Brooks is dead wrong.

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