Paul Volcker on the “crisis in governance”

Politico reports on Fareed Zakaria’s CNN Global GPS interview with Paul Volcker and his concern about the “crisis in governance.”

Volcker: “Capitol Hill – the Senate – is dysfunctional…. We are more than a year after the inauguration and neither the undersecretary for international [affairs] or the undersecretary for domestic finance – you don’t have them. It’s not because people haven’t been put forward. It took them a long time to get them nominated and an impossible amount of time to get them confirmed…. How can the Treasury effectively function … without the top officials in place that are needed?

Lower Risk of Double-Dip Recession?

ABC’s Jake Tapper interviewed Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner on This Week yesterday. While his words were encouraging (no double-dip recession, the economy is growing again) Geithner’s head-shaking body language, worry lines in his forehead, tension around his mouth, and the tightness of his voice all indicate great stress.

Seventeen minutes, all worth watching. The best part is the last three minutes or so.

Whose idea was it to seat them facing each other in two small chairs in that enormous room?

Lower Risk of Double-Dip Recession?