The links below connect to a few of the people, organizations, and projects that has worked with over the past 48 years, with a strong emphasis on the most recent.

Ketut Madra Homestay, “A quiet place to learn about Bali,” created by Ketut Madra in 1973, the homestay in Peliatan hosts travelers, study groups, students, scholars, artists, and writers and has an unusual history of inspiring and nurturing the research that produces new published work advancing the study of Balinese culture.

Gamelan Sekar Jaya – Music and dance of Bali in the San Francisco Bay Area for more than 40 years.

Ketut Madra and 100 Years of Balinese Wayang Painting, 2013 exhibition at Ubud’s Museum Puri Lukisan, the fifth of six exhibitions from 1974 to 2016, and the only one in Bali, focusing on the work of Ketut Madra in the historical context of Balinese wayang painting

Lempad of Bali: The Illuminating Line, 2014 exhibition at Ubud’s Museum Puri Lukisan

TiTian Art Space and TiTian Bali Foundation on Facebook, New projects in Balinese art by Soemantri Widagdo now located in Mas.

Ubud Now & Then, Rio Helmi and a circle of friends, with news of arts, culture, and life in Ubud.

Edward Herbst, founder and leader since 2000 of Bali1928, an international, interdisciplinary project to research, find, understand, document, explain, restore, digitize, re-release, and repatriate the first published recordings of music in Bali along with rare film footage and photographs of musicians and dance-drama performances from the 1930s. And the Indonesian language site that archives and explains this work is Bali 1928, musik dan film yang dibuat pertama kalinya di Bali pada tahun 1928.

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